Upstate Grading Inc. can field the resources necessary to take your project from the planning table to final stabilization. With capabilities ranging from demolition, land clearing and grubbing, to erosion control, full earthwork support, infrastructure, and utility installation, our customers come back time and again for our commitment to service and providing the most value for their money.

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Our Services Include:

Industrial, educational, residential, commercial, healthcare, retail, and institutional.

  • DEMOLITION: Upstate Grading Inc. has the equipment and experienced operators necessary to safely demolish and responsibly dispose of structural debris. We also offer engineer-approved well decommissioning. Our demolition services include houses, structures, concrete, asphalt, and underground utilities.
  • CLEARING & GRUBBING: Upstate Grading Inc. has the ability to perform clearing and grubbing, whether it’s a 10-acre site or a 100-acre site.
  • EROSION CONTROL: With our very own Hydro Seeder and specialty crews, we can quickly move in to complete stabilization activities as the project features are completed.
  • EARTHWORK/SITE DEVELOPMENT: Upstate Grading Inc. provides a comprehensive solution to your project’s land preparation needs. Our services include complete site preparation, including mass cut/fill, exporting/importing materials, and fine grading. Along with our fleet of heavy equipment, we have heavily invested in state-of-the-art GPS grade control systems for our dozers, excavators, and motorgraders. This allows us to deliver a project on time and on budget.
  • RETAINING WALLS: We are prepared to build any size retaining wall that is required. With a handful of trustworthy subcontractors, Upstate Grading can perform the entire retaining wall installation at a competitive cost from design to certification.
  • UNDERGROUND UTILITIES: Upstate Grading Inc. is fully equipped with our in-house crews to perform all necessary underground utility installations. We have experience in sanitary sewer systems, water lines, and force mains.
  • STORM DRAINAGE: Upstate Grading Inc. has multiple crews that specialize in the installation of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), high-density polyethene pipe (HDPE) and even corrugated metal pipe. Along with main storm drain lines, we have experience in installing underground retention systems.
  • CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER: Our services include the installation of concrete curb and gutter. With the help of some of the Upstate’s best known concrete contractors, Upstate Grading Inc. is able to install all hardscapes.
  • ASPHALT PAVING: Upstate Grading Inc. understands the importance of finishing a project. That is why we have highly invested in our crews so that we can offer the best product possible for each project. We have crews that specialize in fine grading not only sites, but stone base.
  • GPS MODELING: Upstate Grading Inc. uses both Topcon and Trimble GPS systems to survey all job sites. Our fleet of heavy equipment utilizes both of these systems to increase productivity and efficiency. This helps us eliminate staking, and we are able to grade faster with better accuracy.
  • ESTIMATING: Upstate Grading Inc. uses AGTEK 3D estimating software for every takeoff. Not only does this software assist in takeoffs, but also is used for our GPS modeling for every project.

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